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Magnet® Journey Big 3 Webinar Resources

Access the Magnet Journey Big 3 video and presentation from last month, which focused on 3 critical factors to help your organization's performance for success.

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Take a look at this newly released, free assessment tool to help understand how your department is performing across the most critical Perioperative KPIs.

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"Leadership is about integrity, honesty and accountability. All components of trust."

- Simon Sinek

Surgical Services Director Achieves $1.3M

See how this Surgical Services leader was able to make a significant financial impact on a community hospital in only 4 months, quickly overcoming several challenges.

Emergency Department Director Opportunity

A premier academic medical center is in need of an Operations Director of Emergency Services to lead approximately 125,000+ annual visits within the system.

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Now is your chance to catch up. Download the webinar presentation slides and video to gain valuable insight to "Improve Surgical Services Performance."

Resource Retrospective

This Magnet vs Pathway presentation describes the major differences between the standards of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Recognition® Program and the ANCC Pathway to Excellence Program®.

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