Magnet® vs Pathway® - Which Is Best For You?

Join us September 18th as we breakdown the major differences between the standards of the American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet Recognition® Program and the ANCC Pathway to Excellence Program®, and identify key criteria that hospital leaders can use when choosing between these programs.

Meet Up At The Magnet® Conference!

Schedule a brief consultation to meet with our team of Magnet experts to help develop a Best Practice timeline for initial designation or discuss common redesignation pitfalls.

ER Director Delivers over $1.1M in 5 Months

Find out how this process of immediately bringing on a Transitional Leader built a strong foundation that led to acquiring a Permanent Leader.

Performance Improvement Recap

Access this presentation about performance improvement and why it is important to an organization’s quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction, productivity, and financial success.

Quote of the Month

"Discipline is the bridge between
goals and accomplishment."

- Jim Rohn

Passionate For Quality & Patient Safety?

We have exclusively partnered with this 75-bed, rural hospital seeking a highly engaged champion of quality to help develop a comprehensive culture of safety.

Focused On Improving Your ED?

Get your free benchmark analysis to compare performance, and begin to improve outcomes in your ED for key areas such as Length of Stay and Left Without Being Seen.

Join Us In Supporting
A Great Cause

We are proud to be involved with a great organization at Free To Smile, who serves the impoverished and underserved cleft lip and palate and dental communities throughout the world.

Resource Retrospective

This presentation digs into the details for the 2019 Magnet Application Manual, including an overview of the key component requirements. This is a great resource for hospital executives, nurses, and Magnet Program Directors in organizations that are pursuing or already hold Magnet® designation from the ANCC.

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